Mistakes to avoid


Wrong Execution

Sometimes, even if the experiences you think could be the starting of a great personal statement, the way you’ve structured and put together your essay sends up warning flags. This is because the essay is a place to show the markers the maturity and clarity of your writing style. So please take note the type of essay you are working on!

One way to get this part wrong is to exhibit wrong style of writing , like unclear sentences or incorrectly used punctuation.
Another way to screw this up is to ignore the given instructions either for creative or careless reasons. This can show the markers that you're either someone who simply blows off the instructions or someone who can't understand how to follow them.

  • Tone-Deafness

Markers are looking for resourcefulness, the ability to be resilient, and an active and optimistic approach to life. Creative ideas and strong evidence supported arguments and not just filling the word counts with sophisticated words. Essays that fail to show these qualities are usually suffering from tone-deafness.

  • Failure to Proofread

Most people have a hard time or too lazy to check over their own work. This is why you have to get someone else to proofreads your essay. This is the one place where you can, should – and really must – or even better get a perfectionist who knows all about grammar, punctuation and has a good eye for detail.

  • Off Topic

Be clear on what is the essay about. Plan on how to write the paper then check if it answers the questions. Write off the topic make it very hard for markers to grade the work. Please take note on the module you are taking and see if it links to the lesson taught in class.