Carousell or Carouhell?


Just by googling "Carousell scam" you can see that high profile scam cases are prevalent on Carousell. Scams from iPhones to concert tickets, it is easy for a scammer to hunt for its prey using Carousell in Singapore. According to Singapore police report, scammed victims are usually asked to make payment first or place a deposit to secure the item. After the scammer receives payment, they will poof into thin air by blocking you and change their number. Large numbers on Carousell exist because Carousell does not have a stringent control over its listing and account creations. Listing is not vetting by anyone before it goes public and the user can easily create multiple accounts just by validating their emails. Lacking in control allows many scammers trade reviews and likes with themselves. Profiles with many likes and positive review give buyers a false positive impression.

Moreover, after doing some digging on Carousell, We found out that there is a few " fake essay service provider" that collects deposit and never deliver the work. Most of them are either charging a ridiculously low price or have created multiple accounts to mislead the buyer. Dealing with sellers on Carousell is highly dangerous especially with your assignments as it will affect your education path. We have work with many clients that turn to us to get their essay fix as Carousell essay providers are either late or deliver poorly written essays. There are a commotion of sellers creating fake accounts to accuse other essay writing service provider.

Is Carousell a good platform? Yes, to some degree. It is beneficial in exchange your junks for cash. However, buyers will need to do their research before paying for anything. Check their reviews, make sure the reviews are from genuine accounts and not dummy accounts. Making a police report won't bring your money back to you, and most of the time your case will just stack below the many other police report.
We started from Carousell, and we are starting to slowly move away from this platform due to its failure to resolve problems as a mention. If you ever need to contact us on Carousell, below is our official carousell profile.