Are you good at writing assignments?
Are you looking for an extra income?
Are you able to critically analyse information and write confidently on a particular subject? is always looking for ghostwriters that are capable of writing a high-quality academic essay. For those of you that have achieved a degree or master and who want to put your writing skills to good use, freelance writing is the perfect way to profit from your writing skills. As a ghostwriter with us, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a broad range of assignments including business-related essays, dissertations, research reports and other standard academic writing tasks. Your work can help students improve their writing skills and grades by helping to write model answers for an Essay Writing Service.

To be eligible to apply for this you must fit the following criteria:

  • An undergraduate degree, MBA, or a Masters in any academic field

  • The degree must be awarded by a Singapore, UK, US or Australian university

  • Excellent English writing skills

  • Able to write 3000-4000 words in a week

  • Proficient in Business, Nursing, Psychology or Law assignments

  • Must have access to journal articles

  • Zero tolerance to plagiarism

  • 100% meticulous in writing

How much can you earn?
Considering this is a freelance writing job, the earnings are based on the availability of jobs, quality of work and the number of words written. Some of our writers have earned up to $500 weekly.

How to apply?
Drop us an email to with the following details.

  1. 200-word, first-person, personal statement about yourself.

  2. Last awarded education certification

  3. Latest submitted assignment